East Mountain

East stands 868 metres tall next to Isola. In terms of groomed terrain East Mountain boasts two of the longer red runs in the resort: East Tignes and East Vivaldi, both running on ridge spines down from the peak to the Lone Pine Base Station. East Vivaldi is the gentlest of the two, very wide and rolling it is a beloved favourite of many an intermediate. East Tignes is a slightly trickier proposition, much narrower and steeper at the top it tends to get crowded and icy and is not recommended for those lacking confidence.

East Mountain provides some the steepest terrain in the resort in the guise of Super East, Across A and Across B. These three runs are often covered in chopped powder and strewn with skiers and snowboarders of insufficient ability to tackle these slopes. Unless you are an advanced skier/boarder it is wise to use the easy green Joint to access Isola instead of risking one of these runs.

From the top of East Mountain it is possible to access the eastern side of ‘Sugar Bowl’. A steep off-piste area providing some of the best lines on the mountain early in the morning as it becomes tracked out fairly early on in the day.

Lone Pine Cafeteria is located at the base of East Mountain. It is a great option for food, especially the Ramen made by the Sapporo Ramen Company. Although it is a trek back from the powder fields of Isola.

East Mountain may be accessed by gondola from West Mountain or the Tower Pair from the Westin. Alternatively there are car parking facilities at the base of East Mountain.